Join your hosts film lovers and military historians Robbie McGuire and Matthew Moss as they uncover forgotten gems and diamonds in the rough!

Featuring special guests from the film industry and fellow historians. FoF dives deep into the genre we love so much.

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Meet The Team

Matthew Moss

Podcast Host
Firearms Historian & Author

Robbie McGuire

Podcast Host
Historian & Show Editor

Katie McGuire

Executive Producer
Branding & Design Consultant

Matthew Moss

Podcast Host | Small Arms Historian

I specialise in the history of the development & use of firearms & other weapons. I have a degree in history and a Masters in military history. I’ve been writing about small arms history now for about a decade.

I began posting articles on my blog, Historical Firearms, back in 2013 and have since written for publications like Small Arms Review, TFB, Silah Report, Overt Defense, The Armourer and Janes.

You can check out the blog here –

In 2017, I launched The Armourer’s Bench – a video project with my friend Vic Tuff.  We’ve been making in-depth videos on firearms, tanks & aircraft ever since.  We’ve looked at everything from the HK G11 to the Ferguson Rifle!

War films played a huge part in firing my fascination with military history as a kid and as a historian I’m continuingly intrigued by how films depict conflicts and how they shape perceptions. 

I’ve written several books, one on the Sterling Submachine Gun and most recently one on the British anti-tank weapon the PIAT!

Browse my books and grab a copy here!>

Robbie McGuire

Podcast Host | Historian and Show Editor

The Stairs of my childhood home were my Atlantic sea wall that I scaled with toy Tommy Gun in Hand, acting out scenes from Saving Private Ryan and The Cruel Sea. My life since has been consumed by the study of Military History & Film.

Childhood me- Fascinated behind the true history of what I saw on screen, I set out on a mission to research as much as possible, later joining a Great War living History group. It was in this group I was given the opportunity to gain a supporting cast appearance on CBBCs ‘Horrible Histories’. 

I pursued studies in Media, Film & Drama. Studying the methods of acting allowed me to further understand on screen performances, but the history bug continued to nibble away at the back of my mind. 

Graduating in Drama and Performing Arts from Staffordshire University in 2015, I combined my knowledge, aiding on small scale film productions as Historical advisor & scripting a 10 part WW2 Alt Fiction audio series.  

My YouTube channel RM Military History began as a way of sharing my research and thoughts with like-minded people – Which is how I met now Fighting on Film co-host Matthew Moss!

I’m so glad we took the plunge, plugged in our microphones and started Fighting On Film.  

The response has been overwhelming and we have been honoured to have guests such as the esteemed Peter Caddick-Adams & Comedian Al Murray join us to talk about their favourite War films.  

Please take the time to subscribe to both of our channels and catch up on the latest episode of the podcast. If you love what we do as much as us please consider supporting the podcast on Patreon, Thank you.

Katie McGuire

Executive Producer | Branding & Design Consultant

Also known as The Tech Goddess™ I specialise in banishing tech overwhelm and helping businesses step up their brand image, whether this be through Website creation, Video production or branding audits.  My Website >

Live TV, Documentary and Corporate filmmaking was not the dream Film & TV career I thought it would be- it was long physically demanding days, client briefings, proposals and pitching. My love of camera operating and editing began to waiver as the corporate world sucked my passion for gifting businesses a huge step up in their visual identity. I was being pushed into becoming a business robot, which didn’t align with my ethos: ordinary people can be extraordinary. 

Fascinated by the process of strategising content and the way in which we portray ourselves to an audience I pivoted into the world of marketing and design. Merging my expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, film production and psychology; I now work independently, helping entrepreneurs and businesses stand out within their industry.

I was honoured when asked by the guys to be Executive Producer- I have loved creating the FoF badge logo, tweaking edits and even building this website.

Arranging guest features, reviews and PR is also an exciting part of my role- We are always interested in hearing from Authors, Press and Representatives for collaboration and sponsorship opportunities. 


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