Baskeyfield VC

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In the last of this month’s Market Garden specials we bring you a very special look at an amateur feature from the 1960s.

Baskeyfield VC‘ tells the incredible story of the actions of John Baskeyfield who was the only Stoke-born recipient of the Victoria Cross during the Second World War. Produced, written and directed by Bill Townley over 3 years, this film is a hidden gem within the war movie genre.

From showing the exploits of Lonsdale force dug in around Oosterbeek Church to Baskeyfield’s VC action itself. The film is a feat of what a driven and passionate film maker can achieve on a micro-budget!

The film was lovingly restored by Ray Johnson of the Staffordshire Film Archive, we talk to Ray about this process during the episode.

The film is available to buy here.

Here are some stills from the film:

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Robbie McGuire

Robbie McGuire

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