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Windtalkers (2002)

This week we cover John Woo’s ‘Windtalkers‘ the big budget MGM-backed blockbuster that famously flopped at the box office being panned by critics at the time of release in 2002. 

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Wolves of War (2022)

This week we take a look at ‘Wolves of War’ a new British war film starring Ed Westwick, Matt Willis & Rupert Graves. The plot

The Steel Bayonet (1957)

This week we return to the works of Hammer Film Productions, having previously examined 1959’s Yesterday’s Enemy, with their first foray into the war movie

The Rebels of PT-218 (2021)

This week we tackle ‘The Rebels of PT-218‘ from the infamous ‘The Asylum’ film studio known for their mockbusters and cult b-movies including Sharknado and

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