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The Wind and The Lion (1975)

This week we look at the John Milius epic tale of diplomacy versus military intervention in the early 1900s as Sean Connery’s Raisui kidnaps an American citizen, will the troops

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Tropic Thunder (2008)

In 2008, a group of self-absorbed and washed-up actors find themselves lost in the Vietnamese jungle while filming one of the most expensive war movies

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Wolves of War (2022)

This week we take a look at ‘Wolves of War’ a new British war film starring Ed Westwick, Matt Willis & Rupert Graves. The plot

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The Steel Bayonet (1957)

This week we return to the works of Hammer Film Productions, having previously examined 1959’s Yesterday’s Enemy, with their first foray into the war movie

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The Rebels of PT-218 (2021)

This week we tackle ‘The Rebels of PT-218‘ from the infamous ‘The Asylum’ film studio known for their mockbusters and cult b-movies including Sharknado and

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SSVC Special

This week we take a look at three classic SSVC productions made for the British military during the Cold War. SSVC or Services Sound &

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Navy SEALs (1990)

This week we delve into the secretive world of the Navy SEALs with a classic of the Special Forces movie sub-genre. 1990’s ‘Navy SEALs’ was

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Greyhound (2020)

This week we brave the North Atlantic, dodge marauding U-Boats and endure the biting cold to discuss 2020’s ‘Greyhound‘. Directed by Aaron Schneider with a

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Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

This week we discuss the only Hollywood depiction of the 1983 US Invasion of Grenada – ‘Heartbreak Ridge’. Directed, produced and staring Clint Eastwood Heartbreak

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March Or Die (1977)

Fix your bayonets, check your canteens and load your Lewis Gun as we follow Gene Hackman’s Major Foster deep into the desert. This week we

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War In Non-War Movies

This week we explore depictions of war in films which aren’t strictly war films. Perhaps the most famous examples of this might include the Vietnam

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Hamburger Hill (1987)

This week we discuss the under appreciated John Irvin film, ‘Hamburger Hill‘. The film charts the experiences of a platoon of the 101st Airborne as

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Who Dares Wins (1982)

Pull on your respirators, load your MAC-10s and join us for Who Dares Wins (1982). An 80s British Cold War action movie starring Lewis Collins,

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 Kokoda (2006)

We round out ANZAC Month with a look at 2006’s Kokoda which follows an Australian patrol lost behind enemy lines during the chaos of the

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