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Sisu (2023)

Gold, Girls, and Guns! Sisu is the latest action film to be released in the wake of the success of the John Wick films. This

The Beast (1988)

This week’s episode finds us deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as the Mujahideen, aided by Jason Patric, chase down a T-55 and its maniacal


The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission (1985)

We continue Dirty Dozen December with the 1985 TV-movie sequel ‘The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission‘, Lee Marvin, Richard Jaeckel & Ernest Borgnine return with a

The Dirty Dozen (1967)

This week we embark on Dirty Dozen December with a special guest, Lee Marvin’s biographer Dwayne Epstein. Naturally we start this month long exploration of

It Happened Here (1964)

In 1940 Britain was overrun and became just another country occupied by Nazi Germany. At least that’s what happened in Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo’s

303 Squadron (2018)

This week we examine a Polish film 303 Squadron (Dywizjon 303) with Jennifer Grant, a postgraduate researcher focusing on the Polish Armed Forces in the

Fighting On Film in the Press!

This month we’re very excited to say that we have been featured in the British Army’s official monthly magazine – Solider. Robbie spoke to Soldier

The Forgotten Battle (2021)

We are zipping up our Denisons, checking our Rifle No.4s and climbing aboard our Horsa Glider for this week’s look at the brand new Dutch

Early Great War Films

We are joined this week by Andy Moody, who is currently undertaking his Masters degree exploring popular cinema depictions of the Great War to talk

Fighting On Film in the Press

This week we are excited to say Fighting on Film appears in a couple of magazines. First we appeared in the listings of the latest

WarFest Wind Down

In this week’s episode we talk about the We Have Ways of Making You Talk podcast’s inaugural #WarFest! We had the honour of being asked

Baskeyfield VC

In the last of this month’s Market Garden specials we bring you a very special look at an amateur feature from the 1960s. ‘Baskeyfield VC‘

The War Below (2021)

We were lucky enough to see an advanced screening of J.P Watt’s ‘The War Below‘ to bring you our exclusive review of his debut feature!

Memphis Belle On Set Memories

A few weeks ago we discussed 1990’s Memphis Belle, directed by Michael Caton-Jones. The film follows a fictionalised depiction of the B-17 Memphis Belle on

Band of Brothers: Replacements (2001)

This week we embark on a series of episodes about Operation Market Garden on film which you’ll tell you’re grand children about… and mightily bored

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