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Sisu (2023)

Gold, Girls, and Guns! Sisu is the latest action film to be released in the wake of the success of the John Wick films. This

The Beast (1988)

This week’s episode finds us deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as the Mujahideen, aided by Jason Patric, chase down a T-55 and its maniacal


Testament of Youth (2014)

This week we are joined by historian Olivia Smith, one half of the brilliant Khaki Malarkey podcast, to examine 2014’s ‘Testament of Youth’. We discuss

Memphis Belle (1990)

Join us this week as we discuss 1990’s ‘Memphis Belle‘, the fictionalised story of an 8th Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress’ last mission of her

When Trumpets Fade (1998)

Join us as we look at ‘When Trumpets Fade‘, John Irvin’s HBO TV movie which follows a battle-weary squad leader torn between simply staying alive

Choose a film for FoF!

Hello everyone! We need your help to pick one of this month’s films. We have 4 films for you to choose from – this month

What the Hell Is the Ally Tally?

If you’ve listened to most of our episodes you’ll know one of our favourite features is ‘The Ally Tally’. We were looking for a name

Fighting On Film: Channel Incident (1940)

This week marks the 81st anniversary of Operation Dynamo, the Dunkirk Evacuations, so we’re examining the very first onscreen depiction of the evacuation – Channel Incident (1940). Channel

The War Game: Civil Defence

Almost immediately after the end of the Second World War the British Government turned its attention to the realities of an impending confrontation with the

The War Game – FoF Trailer

This week we tackled a truly harrowing film. Arguably director Peter Watkins’ finest work ‘The War Game’. An anti-nuclear war film that takes Watkins’ pseudo-documentary

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