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Sisu (2023)

Gold, Girls, and Guns! Sisu is the latest action film to be released in the wake of the success of the John Wick films. This

The Beast (1988)

This week’s episode finds us deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as the Mujahideen, aided by Jason Patric, chase down a T-55 and its maniacal


Fighting On Film: The War Game (1966)

This week we tackle a truly harrowing film. Arguably director Peter Watkins’ finest work, 1966’s ‘The War Game’. An anti-nuclear war film that takes Watkins’


Hello there and thanks for visiting the brand new Fighting On Film website! Robbie and I started the podcast as a fun side project just

Fighting On Film: 633 Squadron (1964)

Join us this week as we slip on our flight suits, climb into our cockpits and fire up our Mosquitos for 1964’s 633 Squadron. The squadron

Fighting On Film: Commando (1985)

Zip up your combat jackets & load up your ammo belts! Today we dive into 1985’s Commando starring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger! The cult

Fighting On Film: Dark of the Sun (1968)

We continue Mercenary Month with a classic, ‘Dark of the Sun’. Jack Cardiff’s 1968 action movie that follows a band of Congolese commandos attempting to

Fighting On Film: The Way Ahead (1944)

Join us for as we examine the Carol Reed-directed 1944 British classic ‘The Way Ahead’ starring David Niven, Stanley Holloway, William Hartnell, Peter Ustinov and John Laurie.

Warsaw 44: PIAT Scene Analysis

We have examined several on screen appearances of the PIAT previously, in this article we will look at a scene from the 2014 Polish movie, MIASTO 44 or City 44/Warsaw

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