Broadsword Calling Santa Boy…

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Hello guys, we’re very excited to present our 2022 Christmas shirts. Last year the response to festive Lee Marvin in ‘The Dirty Dozen’ was wonderful. This year as our Christmas Special will be the iconic ‘Where Eagles Dare’ we had to go with Major Smith (aka Richard Burton) calling back to HQ! 

Just as last year the design was hand-drawn by artist Lauren McInerney and it will be available in all sizes from small to XXL and printed on 100% ring-spun cotton shirts.

Now we know that some of you might want to wear Major Smith throughout the year (Where Eagles Dare isn’t just for Christmas after all…) so we have made two designs. 

#1 Broadsword Calling Santa Boy 

The first option features Major Smith in a fetching Santa hat as he radios back to HQ ‘Broadsword Calling Santa Boy… Broadsword Calling Santa Boy…’

Order here 

#2 Broadsword Calling Danny Boy 

Option 2 is evergreen… good for Christmas and beyond featuring  Major Smith (minus his Santa hat) and with the traditional radio call  ‘Broadsword Calling Danny Boy… Broadsword Calling Danny Boy…’

Order here 

Christmas FoF Sticker Sheet! 

As an extra festive bonus we are now also offering a very cool (at least in our opinion) sticker sheet! Featuring festive Major Reisman (Lee Marvin) & festive Major Smith (Richard Burton) as well as a FoF logo sticker and a SSVC-inspired FoF logo designed by Matt.

Order here 

You can browse all our other merch over in the FoF Shop here. Who knows Major Reisman might also be waiting on the roof with his Grease Gun for you…

All that remains is for all of us here at FoF HQ is to wish you all a merry Christmas/happy holidays and thank you for your continued support in helping us make the show each week! 

– Matt, Robbie, Katie & Lauren (Team FoF)

Matthew Moss

Matthew Moss

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