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Dive into the dark depths of World War I with our latest podcast episode on 'Death Trench' (2017). Discover how this intense horror-war film blends historical drama with chilling suspense. As we dissect its unique portrayal of the war's final months and the performances that bring this eerie story to life.

This week at Fighting On Film, we’re excited to dive into ‘Death Trench’ (also known as ‘Trench 11’), a gripping 2017 First World War horror movie. Interestingly, this film is set in the war’s final months, offering a unique blend of historical drama and spine-chilling suspense.

A quick plot overview, which should hopefully pique your interest: What happens when a rag-tag band of soldiers sets out to investigate an underground German biological weapons bunker? Well, you might guess it has some pretty predictable results.

Death Trench notable credits:

Leo Scherman
Matthew Booi and Leo Scherman


Rossif SutherlandLt. Berton
Robert StadloberReiner
Charlie CarrickDr. Priest
Shaun BensonKapitan Müller
Ted AthertonMaj. Jennings
Luke HumphreyCapt. Cooper
Jeff StromeSgt. Pronger
Adam HurtigPvt. Kelly
Karine VanasseVeronique
John B. LoweCol. Ashcroft
Werner ArtingerGen. Ophuls
Andrew CeconPvt. Wilcox
John BluethnerVeronique’s Father
Scott JohnsonMilitary Police Officer
Johann GietzelReiner’s Henchman
Bradley SawatzkyTrapped German Soldier
Toby HughesTrapped Canadian Soldier
Aidan RitchieInfected German Soldier
Tristan CarlucciInfected German Soldier / German Stormtrooper
Allan Wallace DunkeldInfected German Soldier (as Allan Dunkheld)
Rob ArcherInfected German Soldier
Kevin DennisInfected German Soldier
BJ VerotInfected German Soldier
Richard ThomasInfected German Soldier
Anders StromeInfected German Soldier

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We’ve included some interesting stills from the film for you to check out.:

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P.S. If you missed our first episode discussing the unique 1946 classic Theirs Is The Glory, don’t worry; you can catch up here.

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Matthew Moss

Matthew Moss

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