FIRST LOOK: New Masters of the Air Trailer

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We’re excited to see the first teaser trailer for AppleTV’s upcoming series ‘Masters of the Air’. The new show will premier in January and was created by John Shiban and John Orloff and produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman the producers ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’.

Hotly anticipated, the release of ‘Masters of the Air’ was delayed several times but is now set for an early 2024 release!

Let’s breakdown some of the trailer:

The trailer opens with some of the bomber crews apparently watching a German air raid being met by flack. The sky is lit up with search lights, flack clouds and flashes of explosions.

There are some interesting shots which appear to represent the Baby Blitz (Operation Steinbock) with a number of shots from the trailer showing damaged buildings and rescue efforts.It seems that this might bring the war ‘home’ for the bomber crews.

Unsurprisingly the aerial scenes look spectacular and utilised new On-set virtual production technology.

The squadrons of bombers glistening in the sunlight above the clouds is quite a site.

We also get a short sequence showing German anti-aircraft guns in action. The battery of guns appears to be located in the Low Countries, with windmills prominently seen in the background.

The On-set virtual production technology comes into play showing the effect of the anti-aircraft fire with flak shells detonating ahead of the cockpit.

In a beautifully framed shot the On-set virtual production tech is well utilised again with the destruction of a bomber seen over the shoulder of a belly gunner.

In other shots from the trailer the Red Tails make an appearance and we get some shots on the ground too.

In one of the shots on the ground, seemingly in occupied Europe we see a downed pilot grappling with a German soldier. We also see a German column on a night march strafed by what looks to be a P-51.

All in all the new teaser trailer gives us a tantalising look at what’s in store.

‘Masters of the Air’ is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on 26 January, 2024. We’re looking forward to it.

Matthew Moss

Matthew Moss

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