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Hello there and thanks for visiting the brand new Fighting On Film website! Robbie and I started the podcast as a fun side project just over 6 months ago and since then we’ve had an absolute blast chatting about a film genre that’s near and dear to our hearts. War movies are such an interesting and important genre that can tell us so much about conflicts and how they are perceived.

We’ve launched the FoF site as a hub for everyone to find out things like what the latest episode is about, what’s coming soon and when the next FoF War Movie quiz is! A key reason for having a dedicated site is so we can share our thoughts in other ways like blog posts. Robbie has already written a brilliant article about how watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time as a lad shaped his love of history and film. We’ll have much more of that to come.

We also hope that the comments section here on the site will also be a great new place for us all to discuss the films we’re examining. From some of the emails, comments and messages we have received we realised not everyone uses Twitter (where we are most active and love speaking to everyone!) so hopefully the site expands our FoF community even more. If you’d like to support the podcast and help us cover some of the hosting costs we now have a Patreon page but most of all we value your listenership and interaction.

Fighting On Film is a labour of love for us and we’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderful response to our weekly ramblings. We have much more to come!


Matthew Moss

Matthew Moss

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