Pegasus Bridge Screenplay with Director Lance Nielsen

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We’re pleased to be joined by award winning playwright and filmmaker Lance Nielsen. Lance was the driving force behind Pegasus Bridge, a film about Operation Coup De Main/Deadstick during D-Day. Sadly, the funding for Lance’s ambitious film didn’t materialise and the Covid-19 Pandemic halted production. Thankfully, Lance has now published the film’s screenplay along with an introduction which tells the story of his attempts to produce the film and detailed production notes which explain how the film would have been produced originally. In this special episode Lance tells us all about the impetus for the film, the how he spearheaded production, spoke to surviving veterans and crafted an engaging and historically accurate script for the film.

We have said many times that we would love to see a film made about the daring operation to capture Pegasus Bridge and having read Lance’s beautifully crafted and thoroughly researched screenplay we hope he gets the chance again in the future to make Pegasus Bridge. You can order a copy of the screenplay here, it is also available in the US here. You can also check out Lance’s Outcast Creatives website here.

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Matthew Moss

Matthew Moss

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