Show and Tell #8 – The Undeclared War & Tour of Duty

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Our Show & Tell format is back, and this week we talk TV with Channel 4’s recent cyber-warfare drama ‘The Undeclared War‘ and ‘Tour of Duty‘ from CBS in 1987. Matt talks through the highlights of Peter Kominsky’s drama that sees Simon Pegg play the head of GCHQ as they attempt to stop a cyber attack on the UK. Robbie gives his view on the first few episodes of the Vietnam war series ‘Tour of Duty‘ which stars Terrance Knox as Staff Sgt ‘Zeke’ Anderson as he turns his raw recruits into a fighting force in ‘nam in 1968.

There’s even time to have a laugh at war movie food puns, put forward by the FoF Faithful!

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Robbie McGuire

Robbie McGuire

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